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Kencor supplies a range of concrete repair compounds suited to repairing

concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosior, structural damage,

water infitration, freeze/thaw, reactive aggregates, and other causes

Our Range

Concrete crack repairs may require compounds including epoxy primer, sealer, adhesives and protective materials. Kencor sells concrete repair compounds from brands including Epirez, Sika, ITLS-TWA and Hychem.


Professional Epirez products include 123 crack epoxy sealer, Ezipatch superset, Ezirender HB primer, Ezirender High Build (HB), Highway Patch and Epirex Multi-Purpose Epoxy Concrete Repair (MULTI II).

123 Crack Repair Epoxy Sealer

A Solvent-less low viscosity epoxy primer, sealer and crack repair material for the capillary sealing of cracks. It has been developed to offer excellent surface wetting and compatibility with most Epirez binders, coatings and adhesives and to bond to both dry and damp surfaces. Areas of application: Primer, sealer for floor toppings, anti-flash rust primer for blasted steel, impregnation of honvecombed areas, concrete crack repairs, primer for concrete repair systems.

Epirez Multi-Purpose Epoxy Concrete Repair (MULTI II)

An epoxy mortar patching compound for use in the building and construction industry. It is designed to offer easy mixing and application as well as high strength. It features a non-sag paste-like consistency before hardening and is suitable for knifing or trowelling onto vertical and overhead surfaces.

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