Chemical Anchors for Masonry, Concrete

Chemical Anchors for Masonry, Concrete

Kencor Sales supplies a wide range of chemical anchors for masonry and concrete from leading brands including Ramset, Powers Fasteners, Epirez, Sika, Hobson Engineering and Simpson Strong-Tie.

Chemical anchors relate to steel studs, bolts and anchorages which are bonded into a substrate, usually masonry and concrete, using a resin based adhesive system.

Ideally suited for high load applications, in virtually all cases the resulting bond is stronger than the base material itself and as the system is based on chemical adhesion, no load stress is imparted to the base material, as with expansion type anchors, and are therefore ideal for close to edge fixing, reduced centre and group anchoring and use in concrete of unknown quality or low compressive strength.

Although there are many variations and delivery systems available, all systems operate using the same principle with the base resin requiring mixing of a second component to begin the chemical curing process.

Chemical Anchors

Information about chemical anchors for masonry and concrete from brands Ramset, Epirez and Sika:

  • Ramset - Ramset's ChemSetâ„¢ range is the leading chemical anchoring brand in Australia due to its high quality, reliability and versatility. The range provides different options of cost and performance for anchoring threaded studs, reinforcing bars and starter bars into solid and hollow substrates. ChemSetâ„¢ is the specifiers' choice, with easy to use engineering data and rigorous testing.
  • Epirez - The Epirez Episet range of structural adhesives is designed for use in construction and industry. It combines ease of mixing and application with high strength performance, and features a non-sag, paste like consistency before hardening. The rapid set product is especially suited for adhesive bonding in cold weather conditions.
  • Sika -Sika Anchorfix is available as a solvent and styrene-free based two part polyester anchoring adhesive or a solvent free, two-part, epoxy resin-based, high performance anchoring adhesive.

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