Durable Epoxy Grout

Durable Epoxy Grout

Kencor Sales can supply a comprehensive range of chemical construction products using epoxy, grout and other cement based technologies.

Product ranges from Epirez, Sika, ITLS-TWA and Hychem include binders, flooring systems, cement and epoxy based grouts, chemical anchors, masonry anchors and concrete repair products.

These products find problem solving applications in:

  • Concrete protection and repair
  • Concrete floor coatings and toppings
  • Halting concrete rebar corrosion
  • Machinery and rail
  • Structural concrete bonding
  • Expansion joint sealing
  • Marine concrete pile protection and repair
  • Heritage building restoration
  • Waterproofing concrete tanks, roofs, dams and tunnels
  • Concrete wall coatings
  • Mining repair and protection
  • Sewer renewal
  • And other applications

Epoxy Grout Benefits

Epoxy grout offers superior performance for structural applications. It is designed for use in tight clearances where maximum flow and highest performance are paramount, offering maximum benefits to specifiers and end-users. The product does not stain, get mouldy nor does it require sealing, however it is more expensive and more difficult to apply than other systems.

The product is especially suited to:

  • Hot weather applications
  • Deep foundations
  • Fool proof grouting in all weather
  • Machinery grouting
  • Structural anchoring of bolts, inserts, rebar
  • Rail anchoring

Other features include high early strength, moisture tolerance, corrosion and chemical resistance, high vibration resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

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