Protect with Concrete Sealants

Protect with Concrete Sealants

Seal and protect hard surfaces with concrete sealants from Kencor Sales.

Sealants are applied to concrete to protect it from corrosion and staining through either blocking pores in the material to reduce the absorption of water and salts, or forming an impermeable layer.

We have hard wearing concrete sealants which are suitable:

  • As an economical sealer and dust suppressant for warehouse and showroom concrete floors to suppress dust formation and dirt collection with minimum downtime
  • As a petrol and oil resistant clear sealer for internal concrete and masonry pavers
  • As an easily applied water resisting sealer for concrete, roof, tiles, brick, stone, slate, timber and masonry to inhibit water penetration
  • As a protective sealer for sandstone which allows the sandstone to breathe

Characteristics and Advantages

Ask about products which are:

  • Easy to apply with brush, roller and air or airless spray
  • Offer good resistance to water, oils, grease and tyremarks
  • Are suitable for exterior exposure
  • Offer good resistance to abrasion
  • Available in clear or grey colour
  • Non-yellowing

We sell the full range of Sika, HB Fuller and Bostik sealants including concrete and fire rated.

Fire rated sealant is a fire stopping system for expansion joints that when properly installed, effectively contain fire, smoke, toxic fumes and water for a two, three or four hour period depending on the design specifications.

These fire rated sealants are suitable for applications in schools, hospitals, churches, high-rise office buildings and other public-use buildings to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation in the event of a fire.

One example of the product is Sika® Firerate, a gunnable acrylic based jointing and sealing compound specially formulated with inorganic fillers to provide a fire barrier. Sika Firerate has been tested for fire resistance for up to four hours according to AS 1530.4 in masonry wall and floor joints.

Ask us about the best brands of fire rated sealants for your specific application.

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